Sunday, February 21, 2010

Raised Bed

The first class in this years "Think Green Garden Series" took place last Saturday. Under a sun filled blue sky, we gathered out back by the river to go over the basics of Raised Bed Gardening. Mike McLain from Kelloggs Garden Products was on hand to show us how to set up one of the new Gardner & Bloome Pre-made Raised Bed packages. Made from 48 recycled milk bottles, it holds 12 cf of soil and is the perfect size for a small raised garden. We also went over the what/where/whys of raised bed gardening and touched on Mel Bartholomew's method of Square Foot Gardening that I practice at my own home.

Bill & Korena Mewaldt from Fallon's own Mewaldt's Organics took over for the second part of the class. Bill went over all the info on starting seeds now to have them ready for the Wall-O-Waters on April 1st. YES!!! You can put your young seedlings in the ground if you use those handy tools.

It was a great class, lots of great questions and comments, and with over 40 in attendance, we may be repeating this one in a couple weeks. Don't forget, this Saturday it's on to pruning when our "Think Green Garden Series" continues with Jay Davison from the University of Nevada Co-op Extension service. His class is always a great refresher on the basics. Hope to see you there! Susan

Bill takes over..............

What a GREAT surprise when Cameo arrived with Emma and Emily in tow. We don't get to see them near often enough since they moved to Reno. Sure we can't talk you into moving back! (Just kidding, Cameo is studying at TMCC for her horticulture degree!!!! Yeah)

Bill and Korena brought their seed starts to get everyone started. They sell their seeds on line now, as well as at The Flower Tree. Check them out at

oh yeah.........and this is what we woke up to on Sunday about a "lucky weather" day we had!!!!!

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