Monday, December 31, 2007

The start of a new path

The start of something new always brings a sense of thrill for me. Over the past three years I have been a regular contributor to an online blog and have enjoyed it immensely. The other contributing writers on the blog are a group of six wonderful women that I have been friends with for years. We have written about most everything you can imagine, our lives at the moment, our travels to faraway lands, friends and acquaintances, loss and renewal, the weather, and of course gardening.

I thought it might be time to start up a blog for our nursery. If you have been directed here through our website , you already know a little bit about me and what my life entails as the "Queen Gardener" (a name that was given to me 7 years ago when we bought the nursery and it just sort of stuck). If you have found this site through your searches on the web , we welcome you. My hopes are that this will be a forum not only for those that love to garden, but also for those with questions and comments about life in general. We will touch on business practices of owning a garden center, the inner workings of a coffee/wine bar, and even how we put together our special concert events held back on the river behind the nursery. We will review our favorite books, and of course we will discuss... gardening.

Welcome to our new path. Susan, Queen Gardener.


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