Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming home, Bok Tower

If I am fortunate, a trip to Florida usually includes a visit to Bok Tower. Located in Central Florida, about three hours south of the kids home in Jacksonville,the town of Lake Wales is where my Mom called home her growing up years. When I was growing up in Miami it was always a stop on our summer vacations spent in Daytona Beach, and sitting on a bench in the warmth of summer is where she taught me much about nature, quiet, solitude and peace.  I didn't always "get it" during those summers. Sometimes I am sure I was the cranky one that couldn't wait to get over to the beach, or visit some of the other local landmarks like Spook Hill. But as the years have gone by my visits to Bok Tower are now sometimes seen through my Mothers eyes. The long expanse that can be seen from this, the highest vista of Florida. The miles of orange groves and tall towering oaks filled with Spanish moss that lead up to the towers entrance. The surprise blossoms that meet you at every turn of the walking paths that lead up to the grand pond, and then the tower. I sit now on one of those same stone benches and try and visualize what it must have been like for my Mom to get out of school in the 40's and head up the long hill to the tower where her father was working the grounds as one of the horticultural caretakers. The gardens have not changed much since that time, proof of the planning that went into them. Spending time reviewing the original garden designs on display in the museum I am amazed at the selections of plants that have survived numerous hurricanes and droughts and still have managed to put on a show of splendor every year.

As I walk this path of the garden, I know my Mom walks with me.

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From the Perennial Diaries

This came in my inbox this morning from a fellow gardener that received our Thursday email, thought it was an informative and fun one to share.

Good morning Susan,
Wanted to share a Yarrow story you may want to share with your customers buying the new Yarrows in all the wonderful colors. Last year I started some bright colored yarrow from seed, I got purples, reds, pinks, oranges, etc. I moved them last fall from the veggie garden (where I start my baby plants) where it is safe from rabbits. Since the rabbits had never bothered my yellow yarr
ow, I moved the others into the landscaping, and they were looking really great this summer! Lots of wonderful colors. I w
as imagining how they would look once the plants got big enough to intermix across the wall. Then the rabbits found them, they only eat the flowers, not the foliage, all the lovely flowers are gone, just sticks with leaves. They seemed to try different colors one at a time. Each night a new color was gone. The yellow yarrow, in the same location, is still as big and healthy as ever. The rabbits still do not seem to like the yellow. We will be building a cage wall in front of the yarrow, so I can still see them, but not quite the look I wanted. They will probably grow through the wall and the rabbits will "prune" them. Oh the fun of gardening in Nevada. Thank you for your newsletters, we always enjoy them. ("N" - A fellow Nevada gardener)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Morning in my Garden

This is Chopper, and he along with my other faithful companion - Harley, help me garden every morning. Today I had 31 pots left to get into the ground before I leave for Florida to visit the kids. Bob has take care of the garden while I am gone, so to make it a little easier I wanted to get everything into the ground and near a drip system if possible.
Mission Accomplished!
A few views of the garden before I leave. Can't wait to see how the roses look when I get back.
This is a mock orange that smells heavenly. It bloomed in late spring, and decided it didn't have quite enough, so decided to do it again this week.
The White Iceberg roses are absolute spectacular this year. Love, love love these. No fuss, low maintenance and the bugs never touch them.
Balloon flower, oh so pretty whether budded or open. Every perennial bed needs one or three.
the Canada Red chokecherry tree is pushing tons of new growth. Just really enjoy the dual colors on this large shade tree
An almost.....................ripe tomato. Sure hope Bob finds it while I am gone. Almost tempted to take it on the plane with me for a snack.
the zinnias I planted in honor of Linny are starting to bloom, oh so pretty, just as she was
I wasn't kidding, 31 POTS TO PLANT - guess I have been bringing home more than I remembered. At least now everything is in the ground and when I get back I can bring home some more. Gardening, a good addiction!!!!
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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Day at Red Zinnia

Sometimes it's just nice to show you some of the newest things in store....

Want to make statement in the shower?
Just received a new shipment of amazing art from Amy Paul

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt in their own grinders

New from French Farm, gourmet salts
I love these new wine candelabras

summer purses galore, all colors, all shapes, all stylish and fun!
The newest in the series, Boogie Monster, complete with CD, a know one Nana that will be taking this on the plane to a certain someone in Florida

Comfy cozy robes,

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Tour Donation

With a lovely backdrop of roses, Sooz presented to Shannon, director of the Fallon Youth Club, a check for $410.00 today. The money represents the total of ticket sales from the 2011 Fallon Garden Tour. Thank you to everyone who participated by either opening your beautiful gardens for the tour, or buying tickets. We already have 3 gardeners that have signed up for next years tour!


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