Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alameda Treasures

 The Alameda Point Antique Faire was one the main reasons for planning our retreat the first Sunday of the month. For years we had heard about the treasures that could be found there, and the fact that it was a "antique / vintage only" type of flea market was the major pull. The best part, watching each of our group search for that perfect thing to bring home. I think the fact that we were "newbies" kept us from any major purchases, and that is a bummer because we had Jaime's F150 longbed! And yes, I still keep visualizing the "one that got away", a vintage rustic red 2 pc. patio set that was calling my name. If it is still there next trip, it's MINE!

If you go:
1. Bring a wagon, they loan you a big one to get you to the loading area if you get large pieces of furniture, but a small one was great for our group of 5, and we just took turns pulling it.
2. Get there early, we didn't realize it closed at 3pm!, but some of our best deals were made as others were closing up.
3. Try the food!!! We had one of our best meals of the week from one of the gourmet food trucks.
4. Bring water, it is hot even on an overcast day.
5. An obvious thought, wear great shoes, we had to walk close to 2 miles just to get in, and that was before we started the hours of up and down the aisles.

a few views from the day.......

 these succulent gardens were made all out of reclaimed finds, very beautiful!!! 

I think Jaime will be making one of these armillaries (wine barrel rims)

 Sooz was on the hunt for anything "Yankee"
 old posters that hung in the classroom, do you remember these?

 "Ivy" is found. We had brought a wagon from the house that we were staying in and as we all took turns pulling her around the faire, she caused quite a stir
 love the way they took old watches, we all have those lying around the dresser, and gorilla glued a new adornment on them and turned it into a lovely bracelet
 wanna see what Rose did with a pile of these letters, stop by the nursery and she will show you. and what is even cooler, AFTER our return from the trip she found some of these still in their ORIGINAL use, can you guess what it was??? (comment below, you could win a prize!!!!)
 I am a sucker for these kind of re-purposed lamps, LOVE THEM!!!

 lampshade made out of rulers......hmmmm, maybe for the teacher on your list

 Rose with her first find of the day, can't wait to see what she does with it

 and Lucia with hers, can't you see that dream of the Matterhorn reflected in her eyes?

Jaime's first find of the day, can't wait to see what she creates with it..... 

 Jaime picking up the last treasure of the day, a brick for Michelle's ever increasing patio mosaic.....found it down by the bay on the way back to the truck.
 great time, had by all!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meet Ivy

We would like to introduce you to "Ivy", our newest member of the Marketing Department at The Flower Tree. A vintage find this extraordinary took two women, Sooz & Lucia, to make it happen.  She will adorn the store with style! Enjoy the first of her photo shoots below........


Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Girls ~ Darla's

Darla is our newest member of the Flower Tree / Red Zinnia family. She brings her flair and style with her every day that she works at Red Zin and we are really glad she decided to join our staff.
On a warm August evening we gathered at her home to see her garden, relax and fill everyone in on our purchases from the trip to Orinda and the Bay area.
Darla and Richard live on a beautiful quiet acre on the west side of town. We entered through her antique filled home to the back patio and gazed at the lush expanse of lawn that gently slopes down to the Carson River.  Her fruit orchard is spaced through the lawn and all the varieties are filled with bounty this year. There will be plenty to share in a few weeks.

Darla’s yard is made for entertaining. From the outdoor kitchen, to the cozy fireplace and comfy chairs ~ we grabbed a glass of wine and started the tour of the garden. Only one thing gave us some trouble identifying, but Michelle quickly got it after she arrived.
We even ventured over into the neighbor’s yard to identify a tree for him as he questioned us from his back patio.

Another beautiful evening, filled with friendship and greenery. 
the shrub everyone now wants for their own yards, viburnum burkwoodii

Jaime stikes the pose, this one is for her Mom, Mari.
Beautiful to see this Hicks Yew growing along the front walkway. In afternoon shade, and protected by the wind ~ it makes a soft and lovely evergreen shrub. Darla's is about 5' tall and covers an expanse of about 20'. Not sure how many are planted, but I will find out.


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