Monday, November 29, 2010

Natural Wreath Class

Every year one of our wonderful gardeners, and friends (Melinda Clifton) puts together a private wreath class for her circle of friends. With Michelle's creative guidance, they gathered in the "green" room to create these amazing natural wreaths, including homemade birds nests. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gardening in Sunny Florida

 One of the best things about visiting with the kids in Jacksonville is that they are still landscaping their new home. This time our attention was turned to the front yard. Travis had been wanting a shade tree to block the hot southern Florida sun in the summer, and Sara wanted something to "pretty up" the curb appeal. I think we managed to please both of them. After driving around and seeing what other homes had planted, and listening to the kids wish list, Cash and I traveled to a nursery down the road to see what they had to offer. Believe it or not, in November the nurseries in Florida are shutting down for winter. We found a few things that he liked, mostly sticks and rocks....then went back to the house to wait until Sara and Travis could join us. The next day we visited two nurseries, with the favorite being Hall's, just a few miles away. They still had an amazing selection of trees and shrubs and they were extremely helpful. The kids decides on a Nuttall Oak, an evergreen Magnolia, quite a few grasses, a couple camellias and of course some flowers for Cash to plant. Travis worked on digging out a large kidney shaped area and then we started planting. In the matter of a few hours everything was tucked in the ground and the next day Sara had cedar mulch delivered to complete the project. A beautiful garden, for a beautiful home that is filled with a beautiful family. What will we plant in January when I get to return and spend a few weeks with them????? hmmmmmmm
Travis and Sara deciding on grasses

Cash picking his favorite color camellia, red.

Travis and his big helper, Cash

View from the front, almost finished

Our little "Dirt Snake"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beer Tasting in Jacksonville, Florida

Today we went to Grassroots Natural Market in the Riverside area of Jacksonville. Sara and I had happened upon the store while searching for some vegetarian treats during my last trip in July, and I have been telling Bob about the beer selection there ever since.
The Tasters: Shelley Kelly /Travis Thompson /Bob, the "Beerzilla" Henderson

1. Old Engine Oil - Harviestoun Brewer / Scotland : 8%.
B: Definitely roasty and chocolaty, not impressed.
(Shelley missed this one)
T: Liked it, lighter dark beer with a slightly bitter taste. 

2.Imperial Stout/ Left Hand Brewing Company " One black beer to brighten your day" Not sure about ABV, but Bob is guessing about 6
B: Very similar to first beer but rougher.
T: definitely hoppier
S: Thought it was drinkable, not to hoppy.

3. Porterhouse Brewing Company / Red Ale/ Ireland 6%, Irish Red ale.
B: Quite effervescent, didn't pour a big head but still bubbly, nice color, nice flavor, one of the better Irish Red's I ever had
S: I thought it was very aromatic, and mellow taste.
T: Tasted like most European beers I've had, not impressed, too bitter.

#4 Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan
B: Didn't think it had any pecan flavor at all, didn't think it was sweet, nice beer overall, surprised it tasted that good coming from Mississippi.
S: I really liked this one, sweet but not too sweet, I could taste the pecans, thought it was nutty, didn't taste much like beer.
T: Light flavor for a darker beer, with a little bit of honey taste. Very good, I liked it.

5. Rouge / Double Rouge Chocolate Stout / Rouge Ales / Newport, OR
B: I thought it was extremely delicious chocolate malty, bittersweet chocolate, it was VERY, VERY GOOD, 8.7% ABV
S: I thought that one was phenomenal, it was like a toasty super dark chocolate.
T: Bitter chocolate taste, but smooth at the same time.

6. Lagunitas / Imperial Stout / Launaitas Brewery / Petaluma, Ca.
B: ABV 10.14%, It's a classic imperial stout; pours a very nice head, beautiful lacing.
S: Has a sharp flavor and roasty overtones.
T: Extremely bitter, don't really like it, Bob will finish it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Some views of a garden center tour in Salt Lake

5 Garden Center Owners (Truckee, Susanville, Carson City & Fallon)
1 Kellogg's Organics Representative to drive us and narrate (The Amazing Mike McLain)

6 Garden Centers to tour
1 trip to Sundance Resort
Snowfall, Rain, Sunshine, Mountains, Fall Color, Friendly People, Great Food
The original delivery truck at J & L Garden Center, the first stop on our tour.

Sun River Gardens AMAZING!!!! I wanted to take home little pieces of their garden center and add them to ours. Of course the early morning snow was beautiful also.

Melissa, Every Bloomin' Thing, Susanville and I, enjoying the colors of Sundance Resort.

Favorite quote on the wall at Sundance. The entire room was filled with art and quotes. Took me quite a while to get through it all.

The Gardening Gang - David & Julie Ruff, Greenhouse Garden Center, Carson City, Mike McLain, our tour guide and every ones representative for Kelloggs Organics, Melissa - my traveling buddy from Every Bloomin' Thing in Susanville & Eric from Villager Nursery   in Truckee and me.

We managed to have two meals here!!!! Dinner and breakfast the next morning. Market Grill, Salt Lake City, DON'T MISS IT!

display out front of Sun River Gardens

the drive through the canyon on the way to Sundance

Sundance Resort
"Cactus & Tropicals", an absolutely amazing place. From the outside it looked like we were just pulling up to a plain greenhouse in the middle of a residential area, walk through the front door and you are standing in a tropical paradise. Very inspiring!

Hard to tell from this picture, but this is Cactus and Tropicals artistic director turning an old carousel horse into a "mushroom, bark, twigs, glitter and ???? " covered display piece for the holidays. Just beautiful!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you Southwest Air!

Back in 2001, my friend Melissa brought back an antique watering can as her carry-on so that she could get it home from England. While this is not quite up to those standards, this still deserves mentioning. While in Salt Lake City this past week I found the PERFECT accompaniment to my vintage wicker set on the front porch. I HAD TO HAVE IT!! We asked if the garden center we were at shipped things, but unfortunately the answer was no, so .......since I had Melissa with me, it inspired me to just try and check it at Southwest. Made it home safe and sound, not even a tiny piece broken. Thank you Southwest Air!!! Oh, and the best part, IT SHIPPED FREE!!!

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