Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sometimes......when you work really hard at something, but your enjoyment level is "over the top", people think that all you do is play all day. Well, I am ok with that, because quite truthfully I think the world needs a lot more "play", every day. I spent the majority of the last couple of days getting ready for a retirement party that we were hosting here at the house for Bob's boss, Mike. While I enjoy my garden on a daily basis, it doesn't always wear it's fancy dress every day so we had a little bit of primping and pruning to do to get it ready for 40 peoples attention. What I didn't know....was that I was also getting it ready for a surprise of my own. About 15 minutes into the party I looked outside from the kitchen to see this adorable little dog running around in the back yard. As the happy companion to a Boston Terrier, Chopper, I was surprised to see another, slightly smaller one running alongside him. I leaned over to whoever was standing next to me and said "wow, that looks an awful lot like Clara, Sara's dog doesn't it?" The next thing I remember I was outside putting some things on the serving table when I turned around and out the door came a friend of ours with SARA'S BIG DOG HENRY ON A LEASH!!! That is when I just kinda blurred out for a few. I don't know if I would have remembered it all to this moment if I hadn't just reviewed the video that Sara took as I ran out the front door to see if it could possibly be true, WERE MY KIDS REALLY HERE????? IN FALLON??? I may not be blogging for awhile, I have some playing to do :} See you soon, Susan

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rockin' The River 2012

Once again Michelle has created us an original work of art for our upcoming concert on the river. You will start to see these all over town, and don't forget that every ticket you buy goes to support the Fallon Relay for Life walk in June. All proceeds from the concert go to Relay, and with your help we can support this worthy cause that helps make life just a slight bit easier for those suffering from the effects of cancer.

We are super excited this year to not only have local favorite Steven Christie opening for us, but The Buddy Emmer Band will take the stage and rock the evening as well. 

See ya there! June 16th, and don't forget your can call the nursery or Red Zinnia and put your tickets on your credit card, get them for the advance pricing, and then pick them up at the gate.
775-423-1113 Flower Tree
775-423-1114 Red Zinnia 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miniature Gardening with Arlena

Some great shots from the other evening when we hosted Arlena for the first stop on her tour for Jeremie's Miniatures. We had such a GREAT time! She is not only a fun and inspiring teacher, but encouraging to each and every one of the participant gardeners that made their own after her talk. We would love to continue with what we learned, so we will have a selection of miniatures and plants available at the store. Get the imagination going, bring in a container and we will assist you with creating your own little special garden.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pretty pink in the garden

This is one of my favorite shrubs in my moon garden. Not only does it have a beautiful shade of white, but the new growth is a light pastel pink that compliments everything else. This is a member of the willow family,  Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki' or sometimes known as Dappled Willow. The new growth always flushes pink so I usually prune it back about once a month or so. It requires a good bit of water, but grows VERY QUICKLY and is quite a show stopper in the perennial garden. Can take clay soil, sandy soil - with lots of water, alkaline soil, sun or shade. Everything we have here in our valley. It is hardy to zone 5, but even though I have had die back on the very cold winter, it doesn't matter, it bounces back up when the temps come up and I start putting water to it.

 We have had people into the nursery this past week concerned because some of their trees or shrubs aren't "waking up" this year. If they just planted them last year then it can really be a concern as they don't have anything to reference from previous seasons. This is one of the shrubs that is VERY LATE to come to the Spring table. It is a Vitex agnus-castus 'Chaste Tree'. Mine doesn't even have a bud on it, yet when I scratch the trunk it is green, so no worries.

Everyone needs one of these shrubs in their yard, fast grower, gorgeous color, pretty little flowers, this variety is called Sambucus nigra 'Black Lace'.  We have been looking on the availability lists every week for this one, trust me, as soon as it comes in we will let you know. Mine has been in the ground for about 3 years now, it is 6' tall and about that wide also. Tolerates all soils and is a real show stopper not just for the pink flowers it produces but the dark almost black foliage.
 another late bloomer, so don't worry....Catalpa speciosa 'Western Catalpa' but the buds are coming.

Another late one to not worry about, the Chitalpa.

 I gazed over the back fence and panicked when I saw my Boxelder, Acer negundo 'Flamingo'Box Elder, as it looked like it was completely wilted. I knew Bob had already turned all the drips back on so I went out back to check on it, and was nicely surprised to see that it was the 'flowers' of the tree that I was seeing. Don't know why, but every year I forget that this tree puts on this beautiful show. Pictures just don't do it justice. But I do remember why they call it 'Flamingo' now. Fast grower, always looks nice, no special care, and a maple that can take our alkaline soil with no problem. Like the willow above, the new growth is a nice shade of pink.
Enjoy the garden, and don't forget to play in the dirt every chance you get, Susan

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A few ??? from this Week

this is from my side yard, Lilac Tree
Well it is spring in the garden center, so that means we have seen a steady.....and continuous flow of green and brown thumbers the last few weeks. (THANK YOU!)  Thought I would share with you a few of the questions and comments we are hearing. Sometimes you might have the same one, just forgot to ask it. Here goes:

What is the pretty purple bloom everywhere right now? Lilacs probably, yumm yumm yummy lilacs. If you are lucky enough to be able to reach over your neighbors fence to clip a few, make sure you leave them some zucchini on their porch later this summer to thank them.

Yikes, Skikes, what is making my leaves curl up? Well that would probably be the darned aphids invading already. Remember that mild winter we had, well a lot of the bugs made it through it with just a light blanket and they are ready to enjoy Spring, just like we are. GET THE HOSE OUT, and wash them off the leaves if you can. If it is a big tree, sorry, you are a little late, should have used a dormant oil spray earlier in the season. But if they are on the roses, just use the hose, wash them off - open the leaves up if you can, the aphids are hiding inside the curl - smart little buggers - and then watch for the ladybugs.......they are right behind, just a little late to the dinner table. (We had a gentlemen bring in some leaves with aphids all over them and there in the baggie -always bring your bugs in a baggie or glass jar please - was ladybug larva too!!) This picture is NOT from my yard! It is off the Internet as display only. I am VERY HAPPY to report that I have very few of the pesky bugs. With the organic worm castings sprinkled all over the plants and watered in it seems to repel them. Don't ask me why, because I can't explain it, just take my advice and try it.
ladybug larva at the dinner table,
watch for these guys, they are
your friends!!!
What is the difference between the dirt you sell and what I can get from the empty lot next door? Well, first off, we don't sell dirt, we sell soil, in all it's wonderfulness. If you are one of the many people that have asked me this question over the years you have probably heard me say "Drive 10 miles outside of town and see what grows here naturally, then tell me why you think it would be much different in your own yard?" I know many of you that live here are transplanted from somewhere else, myself included, and you/me are used to maybe putting something in the ground and standing back and watching it grow. We have to add living things to our soil to get things to grow. I could go on and on ....about the microbes, and the bat guano, and the earthworm castings, and the .............that is in the products we sell, but just go here Everything you need to now about the bagged products we sell , they do such a good job of telling you about themselves.

I can't get ANYTHING to grow, HELP! First off, let me remind everyone, we weren't always green thumbers either. We practiced, practiced, practiced...and we still have sad stories of things gone wrong in our garden. BUT, that said, we are here to help you. Just stop by, who knows, your question could be here next week. Have fun in the dirt, Susan


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