Monday, August 31, 2009

Chinese Garden

The perfect way to end our trip to Portland, we spent the morning at the Chinese Garden before heading for the airport. Relaxing, soothing, and beautiful - we wandered through the garden and ended our morning at their tea room.

This mosaic walkway greets you as you enter the garden.

Susan V. , Mike and Michelle discussing the difference in the tea they picked out.

Portland Saturday Market

What a great experience the Portland Saturday Market is. Every year when we head for the trade show this is on our "must hit" list. This year we lucked out that our hotel was just a few short blocks away, so we grabbed some coffee and headed up the hill towards the University park. We wandered around up and down picking out treats for our brunch. An amazing way to spend a Saturday morning.

$15.00 for these bouquets!!!! You would find one on my dining room table EVERY WEEK! (plus...check out the adorable table it is sitting on! I would love this for RedZin) Artichoke flower

Our brunch! A mix of gourmet cheeses, artisan breads, fresh fruit, and of course chocolate and a bottle of wine from Basket Case, one of the vineyards we carry at Red Zinnia. (This is where I first experienced their wines last year)

Too cool, and colorful. A display of carrots and beets.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese Garden

Since this blog is ...............called "On the Garden Path" , here are some photos from the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park. What a wonderful relaxing, calming, spiritual place. If I lived closer this would be definitely be on my "must have annual pass" list. As it is I will just have to look forward to visiting once a year.

Looking down on the meditation garden.

Across the pond stand the two beautiful crane sculptures. I had ventured off the path to climb down to the waters edge. Hidden from view, this area inspired a short poem, which I then asked Michelle to sketch on my journal page to accompany it.

A volunteer to the gardens, she sweeps the ground cover of thyme.

This picture is for my husband, Bob. When he and I visited here a few years ago he was mesmerized by these wind chimes. They are made out of old recycled welding bottles. He has talked of making one for us and over the last few years he has been trying to find and collect the old bottles. Mission accomplished, he informed me a few weeks ago that he now has them. Hopefully if you visit my garden next year, you will his version of these playing their music in the background.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The end of the line

Home again, another
"Trip to Remember"

Where to next????

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sellwood treasures

This appeared to be a rather small independent book store from the outside, and there was actually a sign that read "We Are Much LARGER Than We look" posted outside. We ventured in and found that the caboose was just the front room, a clever way to catch your eye, and that the bookstore itself contained another 3 large rooms, and a small garden area with bird aviary.
It seemed like every shop we went in had a friendly greeter. This is once of three small wine shops that were located on the main street of the town.
Hula Hoops left outside in front of the children's toy shop. It certainly brought out the inner child in Michelle and Susan V., and made you want to venture inside to see what else they had to play with.
The bike basket that I fell in love with at the shop where we rented our bikes. Melissa kindly snuck it over to the counter and bought it for my birthday!! Watch for me tooling down to the store with this on my shiny red bike. I only wish we had had this BEFORE we had ventured to Sellwood, it would have come in handy for all our purchases.

Another friendly greeter inside a local design shop. Can you tell we were all missing our four legged friends back home?

Biking to Sellwood

Today was our first “retail experience” day. A large part of our time spent while traveling is being on the hunt for new products and ideas that will make our stores a better shopping experience. I try and search out areas before we leave on a trip that might have the style of stores that are a good fit for our area also, and then we put on the walking shoes, fill up the water bottles and hit the road. Today we hit the road on two wheels for the trip to Sellwood. Portland is one of those cities that is not only walking friendly, but biking friendly as well. Once we land at the airport, we take the light rail in to the downtown area and then there is no need for an auto the rest of the week. Portland was/is one of those forward thinking cities that planned out their transportation needs way in advance. The entire downtown area is called a “fareless zone” and you can hop on and off the streetcars, buses and light rails as long as you stay inside that zone, quite large, it encompasses most everywhere we usually need to get to, including the convention center where the Far West trade show is held.

Back to the two wheels. One of the small supberbs outside Portland that looked like a fun spot to visit is called Sellwood, and is located across the Willamette River from the downtown area. We checked out public transportation and then found out that we could rent bikes, ride across one of the bridges, and then venture down a bike trail the 7 miles to Sellwood area. Once there it would be a short 6 block walk, up a very steep hill, hence the walking our bikes, not riding, to a small downtown area about the size of ours in Fallon, but once there, we found all similarities stopped. Sellwood is filled with eclectic antique stores, bookstores fashioned out of old caboose cars, coffee shops, little garden stores tucked down vine filled alleys, numerous wine shops, bakeries, restaurants and pubs. The streets were lively with locals and visitors alike. We locked up the bikes and set off for our first stop across the street – a small, but packed to the ceiling little gem of an antique store. As usually our case, we struck up a conversation with the shopkeeper, asking permission before we took any pictures of the treasures we were finding. Our dilemma, we quickly realized, was the fact that even though the bike ride was a treat, we were on bikes!! And bikes don’t hold very much when you only have one basket for four bikes. Poor planning on our part, but we were determined to make the best of it – at the first stop alone Melissa was already arranging shipping for an adorable and functional bright red 1950’s kitchen stool.

The rest of the afternoon flew by as we tried to at least pop our heads into each and every little shop. We were determined to help stimulate the economy of these independent sellers. We found a new purse line that we will be carrying at Red Zinnia, quite a few new wines at a great little shop that does weekly wine tastings very similar to ours, some fabulous new design ideas, and a book or three for me. We picnicked outside after choosing our treats from different locations and soaked up the sun and the local culture from our front side table. After an afternoon of retail therapy we rode back down the hill and set off on the trail to take us back to Portland. And yes, we reminded the young men that rented the bikes to us, always – always offer at least two bike baskets when renting to four women!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Portland Rose Garden

This is one day I wish I had a better camera with me. The Portland International Rose Garden is one of my favorite parts of Washington Park. It was a beautiful sunny day and our senses were on overload for much of it.

A plaque in Shakespeare's Garden
A tribute to the Portland Rose Queen's. Each has their own stepping stone, dating back to the early 1900's when the rose garden was established.

Leading into Shakespeare's Garden

Portland..City of Roses

It's Wednesday morning, and we are sitting at a corner coffee shop by the university, a cool breeze blowing now - but we are told to expect temperatures in the high 90's here today. We are heading out to the Rose Garden and Japanese Gardens in Washington Park in just a few minutes. Today is a "free" day, with nothing on the itinerary other than soaking up the plants, roses and local culture. Here are just a few pictures from yesterday while we were on the bus tour sponsored by Kelloggs Garden Products. We started out at 7am, first stop was the Portland Zoo. They opened the gates two hours early for us and we were treated to a behind the scenes look at the horticulture department as well as the innovative ways they use all the "waste" that is produced a daily basis. The "Guru of Zoo-doo" was not only informative, but entertaining as well. We also visited three wholesale growing grounds, and a vineyard. More to follow......... too much to see, too little time.

The "Guru of Zoo-Doo" giving his presentation.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Camp Garden, What Fun!


This last Tuesday marked the last day of Flower Tree's Camp Garden for this year. The summer went by so fast and we watched as the number of kids grew each week and with it the fun. A huge THANK YOU to Donna March for organizing, reading and entertaining not only the kids, but the Moms and us every week. Melinda Clifton stepped in this year to assist her, and her quiet smile was always a welcome site. We are already making plans for next years Camp Garden, hope to see you there, and don't forget - we have a monthly Children's Reading Hour the 2nd Saturday of every month. Watch the newsletter for more info and reminders. It has been a great summer, thank you to all who participated. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Here are some pics from this last weeks final day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!

Happy 30th Birthday to a fellow Leo, and the most amazing & wonderful father of my grandson!
(You know they built this statue just for us)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blues, Brews & BBQ 2009

The early afternoon was partly cloudy, the storms off in the distance were threatening, but nothing to seriously as I walked out to re-open the gate for our 17th concert here on the river. Blues, Brews & BBQ 2009 opened with the local Fallon band Ten ta Midnight, who did a fabulous job of getting the crowd going, and then Terrapin Road hit the stage as the sun was setting and drops of rain started to fall. It didn’t slow them down though, and the music was amazing. People in the grass dancing, the winds gently keeping everything cool, and the bar was hopping as everyone was trying their hardest to make the decision which of the 25 varieties of brews to try. Jaime and Bob kept up with the masses with a smile and a joke or two, while Linny and Sarah manned the front gate. Michelle and I got to be the rovers, wandering around re-stocking and visiting, dancing and laughing….tough job……glad it was ours! Big Ed’s BBQ kept up with everyone descending on their booth, and the sweet potato pie was a huge hit for me. Blue Haven took the stage and the night just got better as the moon came up over the river. The last set was a Terrapin Road/ Blue Haven jam, my favorite every year, and as we begged for more they played one last song….and the night ended. It was a record turnout, over 320 blues lovers, the most we have ever had... and even Harriet got to stay up late for the evening.

Who knows, maybe an Oktoberfest needs to be thrown out there for consideration………….hmm…………………

pics (by Shawn Myers, Sarah Henderson, Michelle Nelsen and me)


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