Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rise and Shine, It's Gardening Time!

A day in the garden today. The sun is shining, temperatures couldn't be more perfect, no wind and the best part- no place I need to be - perfect! Started out with some journaling about this weekend, it's the 11th Anniversary of Bob and I owning The Flower Tree and I kept finding myself getting up from my chair, coffee cup in hand, and walking around the garden. It's very hard to put into words the feelings that I have about these last 11 years, how do you sum up the joy of doing what you love, with people that you love even more, and capture the magnitude of it we will start in my own garden first.

My pumpkin patch that I didn't plant. Love it when things just sprout up from the wine barrels where I drop my kitchen compost all winter. I have four barrels in the side yard and while I plant them with flowers, sometimes things just come out on their own. Lovely - just wish all these blossoms had time to produce, but we know a frost is just around the bend. 
aghhhh, THRIPS have invaded my David Austin rose in the back garden. Not a whole lot to do this time of year, will have to put some organic controls on them in the spring.

The tomato plants are HUGE this year. I will be covering all these plants with frost cloth soon. Don't want to miss a one of the hundreds that are still green on the vine.
 The rose tree out front. First time I have tried a rose TREE, we usually don't even bring them into the nursery, but we fell in love with them when they had a mistake shipment on the truck that was delivering our Weeks Roses so we kept 30 of them. I think we all took at least one home. I planted mine in the ground and it is COVERED with new growth, just hope I get to see them bloom before the frost.
 well OF COURSE I have things to plant today
 $12.00 bone from Scraps in Reno that he won't touch .....
 .50 one from Safeway.......guess I didn't raise a vegetarian dog....
 prune off the suckers - or you could spend $28.99 for a spray that will keep them from coming back. Me, I prefer the couple minutes of pruning
 and when the little ones won't out dead stuff - your coming down!
 yeah, I know, what was I thinking????? I forced this squash???? (another compost freebie that sprouted itself in the herb garden) in between the trellis, if I flipped the picture it might make a good Halloween story - arrow through the head and all......
 the back rose totally neglected this year because of the shoulder issue ... all pruned up now though and it doesn't seem to have minded - all except for the thrips :{
Enjoy your day, I know I am.......
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lucky Purchase for Linda

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you get a LOT more than you paid for. We sold a beautiful wrought iron arch today that came with a nice little surprise bonus. Rose and I had moved this arch on Saturday from where it was tucked into the Jeepers Creeper white rose garden up by our large fountain. On Sunday morning one of our first customers of the day walked in and saw it and wanted it immediately. What she, nor I knew, until we started to take it apart was that she was getting the extra added bonus of 5 beautiful Praying Mantis egg sacks with it. We showed her what they were and explained that they would hatch in the Spring. Other customers there at the time were glad to see them also, as they had been destroying them thinking they were wasp nests. So check out the pictures, and look for these in your own garden. If you find one, or maybe you will be lucky to find 5, just leave them alone. In the spring out will come possibly 100's of baby praying mantis, the most
natural bad bug predator you could hope for. Praying Mantis research

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Land of Lucia

It’s always a treat when touring “Lucia Land”. From the moment you enter her house you are transported back in time to when life was a little, make that a lot simpler, and memories flood you at every corner. Lucia, like a lot of us girls, loves vintage – and she has absolutely mastered the art of mixing it in with the rest of today’s world. I find myself taking just a little more time when walking through her rooms just so I don’t miss anything. The collection of Bauer and McCoy pottery that fills a bookshelf filled with other childhood favorites. The breakfront overflowing with dishes and serving pieces that you are sure once graced the homes of most of us in the 60’s, and the mosaic pieces that she has created over the years from pieces of pottery that represent every state of the union. Her home allows you to step back in time while still being treated to all the comforts and technology that makes life easier and more comfortable today. Then you venture into her office – and it is hard to call it an office, more of an art room since that is what she does for a living when she is not helping us to create the most fabulous displays at the stores. She is a multi-published author/illustrator of children’s books for Scholastic and others, and it is in that room that you understand where a lot of her creativity and wonderment evolves from.  Lucia LOVES Disneyland, and this room is filled with her collection of memorabilia to that children’s play land as well as her grandmothers doll collection that she has lovingly preserved and a collection of  Golden  Books that would rival even the best antique book shop. But we are not here to see the treasures in the inside of her home; it is her garden we have gathered for…….let’s head outside…….
Rose, Sooz and Lucia stop to admire the fountain she designed
Yes, ferns will grow in Fallon, NV - and thrive. They just need shade in the afternoon and an acid soil mulched in every once and awhile
Michelle, Korena and Doris admiring the "Alpine" garden that Lucia created to remind her of her favorite places to hike - the forest.

hammered aluminum happens to be one of my collecting obsessions!!! so to see a piece here that was transformed into a piece of art for the garden was pretty inspiring. Sorry Lucia, I will be copying this once - or twice .....
the girls, mingling through the rose garden
an old gate is re purposed into an art piece to lead you further into the rose garden
Sooz has to get just a little closer to the roses...

we our sunflowers
the garden shed
Lucia and Bill raise a family ....or two... of goats

the poser
Thank you Lucia, for the E ticket ride of "LuciaLand"

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playing at Red Zinnia

I GOT TO PLAY AT RED ZINNIA TODAY!!! Now that the season is slowing down a little at the nursery I get to rotate into the schedule at the Zin once and awhile. I am ALWAYS amazed at the displays that Lucia and Vivienne create, it is such a joy to step through the door. For me, it is back to the garden tomorrow, but stop in at Red Zin, they would love to see you, and I think you will enjoy what's in store.....for you there. See you soon, Susan

fun, fun, fun - I was the one who got to unpack all the new fall and winter scarves from Tickled Pink today, sorry...this set is going home with me!
Lots and lots...of new jewelry is now finding its way to the store ...
Don't know which is prettier, the artwork, or the beautiful displays that Lucia creates with it
Everyone ......has someone that would love this book!

yep - perfect gift for those little grand babies, the new version of Boogie Monster, complete with CD

ahhhhhhhh  Fall is in the air, new colors and fun accessories are arriving almost daily

always fighting him about where he left the hammer?  you probably won't be if you use this one!
new cookbooks and supplies 
oh, and OF COURSE, the best selection of wine..

and beer.......around!
stop by, sit and relax for a little while, we would love to see you!
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