Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Maiden Voyage

This was the maiden voyage for what is now known as "The Apartment". Bob and I spent months and months and MONTHS trying to decide what we wanted to do with part of our upcoming re-started life. He retired in May, after 31 years of military/federal service, one of our businesses sold this month, and we knew that the time would come when we wanted to just set out and explore this amazing country of ours. ....and so begins "The Maiden Voyage".

I came to the realization over the last few months, that much like you hear in life, you sometimes really do end up being a lot like your Mom. Lucky for me I had an amazing and encouragingly kind soul for a Mom. My Mom and Dad spent 12 years full-time on the road before they settled in the little house on the river behind the nursery. It was some of the best years they ever had in their life's, and marriage, and I always marveled at the stories and photos they shared of their travels. We owned an Airstream for years, but always found it while ~ WAY up there on the COOL factor, it was WAY DOWN there on the practical side. Hence we didn't use it very often, other than short trips out to the desert close to our home. After stepping inside and trying out what seemed like 1000's of  different styles of RVs over the last year ~ we hit the right one. We are set. We are going. Often. Join along, I promise to show you some sites that may seem a little off the beaten path......after all.......I will be traveling with Bob.

Lake Tahoe, up to this point in my life has been one of my "go to" places to relax and reflect. When we planned our first trip in the apartment it was to go to Susanville, Ca. But I came home last week and Bob said, "How about we take it up to Tahoe for a day or two and make sure we have everything we need before we head off for a big trip" ....really....was I going to say No!

Couple of hints for the future....check the weather and come prepared. While we knew there was a slight.....storm forecast for the area we didn't really expect to wake up to 5" of snow on the ground. But all worked out for the best. It showed us that we could really spend three days in close proximity and survive. We still got in some walks, but the bikes never made it off the rack. It was a great first trip. The first of many!

 the BBQ grill didn't get much use...but it sure was pretty the next day

  Came home to find that Fallon also received the first white blanket of the year. I spent some time out in the garden cutting the last of the summers blossoms.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

April in Autumn

Last night I got invited out to join in a "beet harvest" with Kevin and Jaime. They had given some seeds to a fellow artist and gardener in hopes that she would plant them for all to enjoy. April and Bob Oakden's rich garden soil produced a bountiful crop and we get to reap the harvest. Three bags full later, we wandered around their beautiful farm enjoying the late autumn light as the sun set through the giant cottonwood trees. Such a lovely evening.

April and Bob, married over 50 years, it is so obvious that they celebrate each day on this perfect little piece of paradise they have created. 

This bucket of rusty old tools and handle faucets fascinated me. Calling to me from across the yard, it sits posed overlooking an alfalfa field. I mentioned to April that I had one or two more to add to the bucket if she would like them ~  and that is when the story unfolded. Family history can be found in the most unlikely places. All of these faucet handles were from her parents old homestead. How many times must her Mom have turned on the water faucet to wash her hands after a day in the garden. There is no need to give her any of mine......she has plenty of memories of her own wrapped up right here.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013


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