Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 Little Sprouts

Tree carts can be used for more than just loading trees. They also make the perfect ride for little ones. Emma & Emilee stopped by with their Mom, Cameo last weekend, and offered to help me load up a couple trees for a customer. As you can see, our new shade tree lines are filling out very nicely. Now that most of the trees have leaved out it makes a cozy little path to wander through. See you in the forest soon, Susan
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking home a tree.....Fallon style!

Now this is what I call "bringing the right equipment for the job." Every now and then we make the attempt to load a large tree into a very, very small car. By placing the front seat way.......back, we can usually fit a small one in.

But what a better way this is! Neil Lininger stopped by to pick up a tree he purchased, and came complete with not only the tractor to haul it home, but the auger on the back to take care of the planting when he gets there. Luckily he only had about a 1/2 mile to travel home. Take care, Susan

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gardening in the Wind

OK, enough with the wind. I don't know about you, but I have had enough. I can take the cold, and I can certainly take the heat, but the wind just does me in. Not only does it dehydrate the plants at the garden center, it plays havoc with everything else in my yard. Bird feeders are on the ground instead of in the trees, cushions are flying over into the neighbors yards, and I have had enough bad hair days to last for the rest of the year!

Enough venting. On to gardening ..........and life in the rural desert. This week has been a typical Nevada spring week. We went from 95 on Sunday to 40 today. Right now I can hear the rain dripping off the roof, a welcome sound if there ever was one. Not only needed moisture, but it will sure help with keeping the dust down in all this wind.............oh yeah, enough about the wind. If you are like me, you probably have a few of your vegetables in the ground by now. Fortunate for all of us we won't be facing a frost this week. Just cool daytime temps and even cooler evenings. I spent the better part of today creating a new perennial bed. It measures about 10 by 5, and is just perfect for easy access for planting and tending to the flowers. I am excited about some of the new perennials that we are seeing coming out of Canada this year, and had to have a new place to put them. I will post a picture when the project is complete. Off to play in the garden. Till next time, Happy Gardening, Susan

Monday, May 19, 2008

Kylie's Prom

Kylie & Trent, Senior Prom 2008
One of the many, many things I love about our garden center is the family that we have been able to create. One of our newest members has only been with us for a short time, and we are losing her to college in July, but she is family through and through. Last weekend we had the thrill of seeing her head off for her senior prom. As tradition dictated, she came by to show us her gown, and then her and her beau, Trent, headed off to Reno for dinner before coming back to Fallon for the prom. She is a true beauty, inside and out.

Of course we needed a fun shot too! Here is Kim & Kylie playing around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5th Annual Jazz on the River

The 5th Annual Jazz on the River is just around the corner....coming up on Saturday evening, June 7th. Last night we loaded up the seven of us, Lucia at the wheel, Marlea, Michelle, Jamie, Marcia, Kimmie and I, and headed over to Carson City to see Jakki Ford perform with the Mile High Jazz Band. And I thought we try to fit large bands on our small stage in the River Garden...... how they managed to tuck the 30 or so musicians into the small space at Comma Coffee I am not sure, but it was amazing. We visited with Jakki during the breaks and we are excited about her upcoming appearance. While she won't have the entire 30 piece ensemble behind her on June 7th, she is bringing a talented combo of artists that are sure to thrill us with the cool sounds of Jazz.

This is our annual fundraiser for the Relay for Life event here in Fallon. We like to think of it as the "Kick Off" Event for the upcoming walk. Various teams will be on hand to sell luminary bags to honor loved ones, and of course Ron & Bob will be back with their fabulous BBQ with all the trimmings. This year we are continuing last years hit event, the Wine Tasting Gazebo. For the small fee of $5.00, you can taste the 6 wines that we will be selling by the glass in the bar area. (100% of this goes to Relay for Life) Tickets for the concert will go on sale Saturday, May 17th, and continue until we sell out. Hope to see you there! Susan

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day @ The Flower Tree

All one has to do is look at these pics, and they will realize ....why....we have a children's reading hour every month. We are the lucky ones! The children's smiles, their laughs and giggles resonate throughout the gardens. This was a special treat for us this month. After a wonderful reading by Miss Donna & Miss Eleanor, the children came up to the Potting Bench to plant up a little something to take home. Michelle helped them pick out a flower, and then assisted them with the task. Parents got into the fun, and a wonderful morning was had by all.

Miss Eleanor reading her Mothers Survival Guide that she had made for all the Mom's in attendance.

Michelle and her little helper.

Hey Mom!!! Do you like it?

See you next month...............June 14th!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

8th Annual Spring Garden Party

Spring Garden Party 2008, we are gathered here at the end of a long and beautiful day. The weather cooperated with clear skies and light winds and everything was amazingly beautiful. We had spent the better part of the last week "primping" like a high school girl for her first prom. Everything tucked into place and ready for the big day. We thank everyone who participated. We couldn't have done it without you!

Bill Mewaldt, our resident sommelier was on hand for a great wine tasting event.
Bob was back with his fabulous "Beer Brauts", that seemed to be a hit with everyone. (He still managed to cook a vegi burger for me though) Kevin and Michelle dropped by to see if he needed any "tasting assistance".
My best friend Kathy on the left, having just returned the day before from a 3 week adventure to Machu Picu, looking rested and wonderful. Lucia on the right, decked out in her new hat, all pretty in pink.
Mike McLain with Dr. Earth Organics and Kristen Smith with L&L Garden Supply, Marlea and Lucia
Kimmie & Kylie, helping Bob with serving and smiles!

The Magic Upside Down Tomato Plant. Andrew & Jason from Bonnie Plants were on hand to teach everyone how to create their own Upside Down Vegi Garden for the patio. A huge hit!

The Kissing Booth for CAPS, always a crowd favorite. Congratulations to Gin Bertsch, our winner of the 15 gallon Crab apple Tree!

Stuart Miller from Weeks Roses was on hand to show off all the latest and greatest varieties of fabulous roses his company is growing.
A great time was had by all. We look forward to our next event.

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