Friday, October 3, 2008

Red Zinnia, at last

Sometimes - in the back of your mind, lives a thought or dream. It can work its way to the surface many times, over the course of many months, and then for some reason it starts to take flight. Such is the story of Red Zinnia. Over the past few years, as we have expanded the offerings in the gift shop at The Flower Tree we have wished for a space that would be separate from the garden center. I envisioned it in an old house, with creaky floors, and lots of light from old windows cleaned to a squeaky shine. When I was visiting Robert's Mom, Sharon, a few years ago she took me to such a shop. It was located on Jekyll Island not far from their home in Brunswick, Ga. It was made up of small rooms, each having their own distinctive feel, but cohesive at the same time. It was filled with lots and lots of books as well as an amazing selection of gifts for the home and I remember making a few purchases to take back to Nevada with me.

Fast forward to 2008 - many, many times I would throw it out to those with me in this little adventure called life, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a little wine shop?" ,"Wouldn't it be nice to own a bookstore", "Wow, don't you think we could have just a little gift shop in town if the right location came up?" Somehow, the right place never came up, until this winter. In walked Peggy Hernandez one late winter day, she was just doing a little shopping, and she asked me if I ever thought of opening another store. Marlea was working with me that day, and I turned around and looked at her with a little inside knowledge smile. "Yes, I have thought of it before, but there never seemed to be the right location in Fallon." She asked me if I would consider coming by and seeing what they were doing down on Taylor Street. She and her husband Steve were putting their heart and soul into opening a new restaurant called The Slanted Porch.

Eight months have now passed. Their restaurant has not only opened, but been a huge success in our town. Over that period of time we have patiently waited while the work was done on a little house behind the restaurant. A little house with creaky floors, and old windows that will soon be squeaky clean. Our store will be called Red Zinnia, and will be filled with books, gifts and wine. We are shooting for a November 8th opening, the week after we open the Holiday Room at The Flower Tree, always a much anticipated day. We aren't making another Flower Tree gift shop. Of that there can be only one.

The Red Zinnia, a dream that has taken flight. See you there soon, Susan.


Sara K. said...

I'm beyond excited! I can't believe I forgot about that little gift shop on Jekyll until you mentioned it! It was a great place

Dave said...

Congratulations on walking your newest dreampath.

Give'em all bear hugs for us.

Christina and Peter said...

I am so happy for you. Your stories are beautiful! Keep writing! We moved away from Fallon 6 months ago, but have fond memories of The Flower Tree. Best wishes! -Christina

Melinda and Dave said...

Great excitement about your new adventure since first we heard.
Looking forward to this new shop.
May the Red Zinnia soar...


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