Sunday, November 16, 2008

We dance with the wind

Softly the wind carries our arms
round and round our circles form
the breeze we long for to carry our words
our elders reach farther with their thoughts
the children play but leave no mark
winter is coming, and with it our silence
until spring brings us warmth- to continue, circling, circling

One of the many special moments of our trip back east was a walk on the beach at Cape Cod. My Aunt Sue parked at the lighthouse, and settled into her front seat with a book and the warm sun peaking through her windshield. Kathy, Charmaine and I set out through the sand, shoes shed at the long steep stairs that led down to the beach. Looking out to the horizon, Charma and I headed straight to the waters edge, the surf loud and inviting. Kathy set out for the upper area of the beach, sand dunes calling her with her photographers eye. We met up about an hour later, many many photos taken by all of us, but Kathy says to us "Did you see the circles in the sand?", we looked at her with a small amount of puzzlement........circles in the sand? No, we were busy looking at the sailboats, the pebbles, the shells........"No, look at this photo I got, the plants, they make circles in the sand from the wind." she tells us with the childlike amazement that only a true photographer can display. We walk back up to the dunes with her, and study the different patterns the native grasses have made. I had walked by at least a 1000 of these same grasses.........before.....but never noticed them, as she had. Makes me want to slow down a little......and enjoy...the patterns in the sand, the pattern in my life. Thank you Kathy, for bringing them to my, and everyones, attention,
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Anonymous said...

Love this photo, and the poem at the top..where did you find one that matched the photo so well....hope you share more. bev


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