Saturday, November 8, 2008


Wow, what a wild ride this last two weeks have been. While we were been busy putting all the last touches on the Red Zinnia, my life seems to have flown by me. Without the grounding force of a great husband, daily updates and smiles from my amazing daughter, and an incredible circle of friends.......I am sure you would have seen my head rolling down Williams Avenue by now. So here is what I learned in the last two weeks.....

No matter how much planning you is never enough.

Don't think that you have all your bases covered until you actually open the door.

Computers will play havoc in your life...just count on...plan for it....and go with the flow.

There is not nearly as much daylight in the day as they promised you in kindergarten. it or not, sometimes you really must stop for some of this stuff.

We had an amazing opening day. The rooms were filled with wonderful energy and excitement. Words are never enough, but it is what I this moment in time........Thank you, thank you to all of you that helped me make this next dream of mine a reality, and I promise, I won't try and think of any new project...........for at least a year ... : }


Barbara said...

Congratulations Susan! Seth, Conor and I cannot wait to see your new venture in December! Much love!

Anonymous said...

I heard from my dad that you had opened a wine cellar! That's amazing! I'm very jealous, since I turned 21, I actually have gotten quite into wine tastings and pairings and such =P Very excited for you! Love you lots =)



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