Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Heading out after a beautiful week in Death Valley we take the highway that will lead us to Rhyolite , the ghost town located outside the eastern side of the national park, not to far from Beatty, Nv. I am pretty sure I went here as a child, and Bob has been many times on his motorcycle adventures. We wandered around what is left of the old structures, but it was this outdoor art museum on the road into the town that was our main calling for the day.
To me, the "Y" on the front door of the little house that serves as the museum info area, (unfortunate for us it was closed the day we arrived), sums up the acres that surround it. 

Y this place in the desert
 Y this type of art
Y not place it somewhere where more people could experience it

Then it just kinda all made sense. Y, The reason for "Why", doesn't really matter. We don't usually ever have the answer as to "Y" something happens. Even when we try to wrap our heads around the.......placement of a building, the cause of an accident, the reason for the weather, the blossoms on a tree, the magic of the sunset, the flight of a bird, the color of the sky.........

I will never know "Y" they made this choice for the front of the building, but I do know why it appealed to me. My thoughts became words.



 Belgian artist Albert Szukalski creates his sculpture “The Last Supper”


Patrice said...

I love this place!! If I ever get back out West, I'll be sure to visit. Thanks for the really cool post.

Patrice said...

P.S. I want one of those Y's...

Catherine Emilia said...

Wow.. this is a very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing!

Sonia Cerca said...

Nice post and beautiful photos.

Sonia @ A Film A Day


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