Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Move continued.........

Day 5: The Furniture This was one of the days that we looked forward to, as much as we dreaded it..............we have HEAVY - LARGE pieces of furniture that we use for our displays. Most are old........creaky........and some are filled with curved beveled glass that is not easy to replace. So today is a tribute to our movers: Ron A. & David H. With help from Ann L. , Rose, Michelle and Melissa - The collage above is a great way to show one of the many challenges of moving large, very large, objects into an old house that has extremely small doorways. But they got it done! Thanks everyone, you were miracle workers. And a special thank you also to Dave F. for coming down and taking care of the computer dismantle/hook-up.

Jaime and Michelle put the finishing touches to the RedZin paint. What a beautiful, warm and inviting room they have created.
Ann taking a much deserved rest in the new Ale Room
Melissa arrived from Susanville to assist for a couple of days......
Bob arrived back in Fallon after a day of motorcycle racing to find most every piece of furniture moved and in place. Not sure if the grin is for the fun he had all day, or the fact he missed the "fun" with us.

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