Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a Blur.........

Day 7 & 8:

We are very.........close. Every step forward, another step back.....two steps forward......and we are off and running. Gaining momentum is something that just has to take on a life of it's own, and today it happened. When we originally started to plan for the move of the wine shop at Red Zinnia, we looked for a location that would not only allow us to have a little more room for our weekly tasting events, but an area to prepare for the evening, and most importantly an outdoor patio area for the warmer months. When circumstances changed, and we decided to move the entire store........all plans changed....and quickly!!

Well, in the extremely short period of ONE WEEK & ONE DAY, we have taken an already amazing house, and turned it into the exact space we needed. Comfy, warm and relaxing. Large and accommodating. Tomorrow we put the final touches on our new commercial kitchen, spruce up the rooms, and hang up the last of the artwork on the walls.

The "WE" I speak of is the amazing collective of hardworking, creative, imaginative and loving people that surround me. Yes, I am blessed. In many, many ways. So to all of you that have pounded nails this week, to all of you that ruined your best clothes because you backed up into a freshly painted wall, to all of you who's backs are still sore from the 1387 bottles of wine we moved, to all of you that found the tools hidden in the basement when we needed them, to all of you that didn't worry when your hair was bright white with paint, and yes, to all of you that have read my posts this past week and sent messages of faith in our future................words will never be enough...........but................THANK YOU!!!!

We will see you on Friday morning- 11am, with a smile on our faces, and a warmth in our hearts. Here we go again, hope to see you there, Susan

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