Friday, January 16, 2009

Mewaldt's Organic Seeds

You asked - They LISTENED! Now available at the Flower Tree, a nice collection of Mewaldt's Organic Seeds. Over the past few years you may have been lucky enough to partake in one of our seminars at the nursery that Bill & Korena Mewaldt have put on for us. Owners of Mewaldt's Organic Farm here in Fallon, they have been selling their produce to many of the 4 star restaurant's up in Reno, as well as at the nursery and selected smaller Farmer's Markets. While we have had their seed garlic for sale the last few years, this is the first opportunity we have had to sell their other seeds as well. Packaged with complete information and nice showy pictures, you can now grow many of the varieties that they do. Best part: ALL ORGANIC SEEDS. Stop by and see the selection now available. I will also be listing them here in the next few days. See you soon, Susan


Anonymous said...

This is exciting, I have always enjoyed Bill's classes at your nursery. Joy B.

Anonymous said...

How much are they a packet? and how many seeds come in each one? thank you.

Susan said...

As per Bill Mewaldt:

The packets of seeds contain 100 seeds for all herbs, and 30 for the tomato and vegi. The packets cost $2.50 per packet. Thank you.


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