Friday, October 17, 2008

Marvelous Maine

We have made it up to Sara's, and the days are filled with laughter and joy. We arrived late yesterday after traveling up from Duxbury, Ma. We spent the days previously with my Aunt Sue having a wonderful time visiting Plymouth, Cape Cod and touring around the local area. I find it hard to describe the beauty of the trees on the drive north.......every shade of orange and yellow wrapped up in a big red scarf. Every time I think I have found my "perfect tree", the one that I will keep in my visions memory for weeks to come, we go around another corner and it is surpassed. The rolling hills, the grass so green, and the skies so very blue. It is truly a beautiful time of year to visit this area.

Today was on of those "make a memory" kinda days. Kathy, Charmaine and I spent the better part of the morning wandering around Downtown Brunswick while Sara and Cash were off at a play date with their local Mom's group. The downtown area is filled with quaint little shops of all kinds, cobblestone sidewalks and friendly shopkeepers. When Sara and Cash caught up with us we headed to the farmers market that was going on in the town common and after much contemplation, we decided that the Wild Maine Blueberry pie would be the one that would come home with us for tonight's dinner. The afternoon was spent with a picnic lunch and a short drive to Bailey's Island to see the rocky cliffs that make up the shoreline in this area. It was quite a contrast from the sandy calm waters that we had been walking on in Duxbury.

On the way home we took the back roads and stopped at Sara's favorite apple stand, but instead of picking up a gallon of cider from the roadside building, she grabbed a wagon and the next thing I knew we were walking through the orchards to the back acreage to pick our own apples. I hope that I keep the memory in my mind's eye forever of Cash taking a huge bite out of a sweet juicy Cortland apple fresh from the tree. We wandered through the trees for the better part of the hour picking the perfect apples to fill our bag to take home. Kathy has promised a pie, and we are going to hold her to it.

The dinner table was filled with conversation of our day as we tried to fill Travis in on all that we had seen and done. The blueberry pie is almost gone and the night is quiet. My heart is sure is good to be with the kids.


peg buckner said...

Cash is such a cutie!! Say hi to Sarah for us!! Peg and Michael

Barbara Anglin said...

Hi Susan! Great to have found you! I love the picture of you, Sarah and Cash! See you in December, Barbara, Seth and Conor


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