Friday, February 1, 2008

Signs..signs...everywhere is signs...

If you have been into the nursery lately, you might have noticed the new signs that are beautifying our establishment. Thanks to the creative effort of Michelle, and the wonderful talent of Jim Moore, we have new signs gracing the front of our building and over at the RiverHouse. These are hand carved wooden signs and they are truly works of art. I want to publicly thank Jim for making them for us. They are so beautiful and warm my heart just looking at them every day as I drive in. I hope that as the days go on we will be able to add many more addendums to the RiverHouse sign. I am thinking a Children’s Art Studio, perhaps some type of music program ...who knows. Send your ideas over, you may be sitting on a great one and just don’t know it. We love the feedback. Take care, enjoy the sunshine. Susan

1 comment:

Sara K. said...

Those signs are great! Such Vibrant colors. Make sure you don't get rid of the old sign though... always history :o)


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