Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girls Garden Tour, Susan's

In the busyness of the spring season, we watch as each of us that work ~ aka: “plays” together at The Flower Tree start stashing plants behind the counter to take home after work. The back area over by the mulch starts to fill with little pots tucked away and the “sold” area fills with little treasures that we find first off the delivery trucks. The “do you have this one yet?” and the “you gotta try these” comments flow through the air as we start bringing in new/old varieties of plants. Welcome to the life of a plant hoarder!

This past week we started our now annual tradition of visiting each other’s houses in the evening. Jaime came up with this idea a few years ago when she realized that while we watched everyone stashing plants to take home, we never got to see just where “home” turned out to be in their gardens. We gather at someone’s garden and nibble on some good food, enjoy a lovely libation and then wander through the greenery. We start earlier in the summer now to fit everyone in, and while at first we were every month, we are now every other week as our gardener crew has grown. This first week was my house and while not all my perennials are blooming yet, and I still had trees to plant where we had to cut down all the awful diseased cottonwoods ~ my garden was ready for visitors. It was a beautiful evening, and I can’t wait for this week when we re-visit Michelle’s. Over the next few months, walk on this path with us, the garden path.

 relax........everyone say ahhhhhhhhhh

 My grandson Cash found a nice place to balance......

A fun evening, had by all..........

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