Monday, April 9, 2012

Learning, always.........learning

Last night one of my favorite people on the planet, Sarah Henderson, came over for an all too short visit before she heads back to Colorado today. I miss her infectious smile, as I know everyone in our small town does, and I am sure the reason we have had so much warmth and sunshine this weekend is because she was here. She found me out in the side yard covered in soil and sweat where I was gardening my heart out getting the new wine barrels set up and the first of them planted with tomatoes in their comfy wall of waters. We got to talking about my writing and this led to her career as a photographer (Sarah Micayla Photography) and bamm......I ran in the house, dirt and all, to get my new camera that my daughter, Sara Henderson ~ also a wonderful writer and photographer (I know....confusing for some, but not for us) had given to me last summer. I am not a "read the book and learn" kinda person. I am a "show me and then I can do it" kinda person. At least where anything technical is involved. And the Fstop, change this setting, now do this to make it blur the background....and on and on has just not sunk in very well. I use the auto settings for everything and then get frustrated when the picture doesn't capture the story like I would like. So we stretched out on the soil line of the moon garden and proceeded to take a lesson.
my peonies are pushing their way up to the sun.....
I asked her "Do you want to see my mini-greenhouses?" Somehow I think she thought they were going to be just slightly larger..... 

and of course Chopper was helping us  
 my own personal weather "past"caster, if the red tulips out front are still standing straight up in the morning it didn't freeze the night before and I know I didn't lose anything down at the nursery.....

See, I told you she is a Ray of Sunshine! Thank you Sarah, I PROMISE I will practice everyday :}

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