Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Morning in my Garden

This is Chopper, and he along with my other faithful companion - Harley, help me garden every morning. Today I had 31 pots left to get into the ground before I leave for Florida to visit the kids. Bob has take care of the garden while I am gone, so to make it a little easier I wanted to get everything into the ground and near a drip system if possible.
Mission Accomplished!
A few views of the garden before I leave. Can't wait to see how the roses look when I get back.
This is a mock orange that smells heavenly. It bloomed in late spring, and decided it didn't have quite enough, so decided to do it again this week.
The White Iceberg roses are absolute spectacular this year. Love, love love these. No fuss, low maintenance and the bugs never touch them.
Balloon flower, oh so pretty whether budded or open. Every perennial bed needs one or three.
the Canada Red chokecherry tree is pushing tons of new growth. Just really enjoy the dual colors on this large shade tree
An almost.....................ripe tomato. Sure hope Bob finds it while I am gone. Almost tempted to take it on the plane with me for a snack.
the zinnias I planted in honor of Linny are starting to bloom, oh so pretty, just as she was
I wasn't kidding, 31 POTS TO PLANT - guess I have been bringing home more than I remembered. At least now everything is in the ground and when I get back I can bring home some more. Gardening, a good addiction!!!!
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Deep Cleaning said...

What wonderful garden you have! And the tomatoes look so bio! And not forget your dog is a handsome!


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