Sunday, August 30, 2009

Japanese Garden

Since this blog is ...............called "On the Garden Path" , here are some photos from the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park. What a wonderful relaxing, calming, spiritual place. If I lived closer this would be definitely be on my "must have annual pass" list. As it is I will just have to look forward to visiting once a year.

Looking down on the meditation garden.

Across the pond stand the two beautiful crane sculptures. I had ventured off the path to climb down to the waters edge. Hidden from view, this area inspired a short poem, which I then asked Michelle to sketch on my journal page to accompany it.

A volunteer to the gardens, she sweeps the ground cover of thyme.

This picture is for my husband, Bob. When he and I visited here a few years ago he was mesmerized by these wind chimes. They are made out of old recycled welding bottles. He has talked of making one for us and over the last few years he has been trying to find and collect the old bottles. Mission accomplished, he informed me a few weeks ago that he now has them. Hopefully if you visit my garden next year, you will his version of these playing their music in the background.

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