Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life in the FAST lane.....

Actually, today's journey should be called "Life in the SLOW........ lane, at least for part of it. I will never, ever complain about traffic on W. Williams Ave. again. Ever. Today we left the quiet peacefulness of my Aunt Sue's house in Duxbury, and headed south towards New York City. The first hour or so was spent lost in the wooded areas around southern Massachusetts in a torrential downpour. Getting lost/misdirected didn't help the situation. Don't believe that a GPS will always direct you correctly! However during a brief break in the rain we did find a very nice garden center on our new found route. We made a short stop to stretch our legs and see what plants sell here vs. Fallon. Back to the traffic.....we were actually the lucky ones. We were headed towards the while we were traveling down the highway at a pretty good pace, we watched as the north bound traffic went from slow moving turtle pace, for over 60 miles. We kept looking for construction, for accidents, for what could possibly causing that much traffic to sit at standstills for miles at a time. Apparently a four day weekend out of the city can cause it. Sand Mountain traffic has NOTHING on millions of people trying to cross the Tappan Zee bridge. Luckily, we are traveling with the world's greatest two-year-old. Yes, I may be biased, but in all reality, I don't know many other children who will sit in the back seat for 6 hours perfectly content with the sights, a few books, and a movie. Let's hope my praise hasn't jinxed the rest of the trip.

We are settled into a very nice hotel, and after a great dinner and a trip to the swimming pool for Sara and Cash, we are turning in for the night. Tomorrow it is on to the Washington, DC area with a few more side trips planned along the way. Thanks for joining us on the journey. Till tomorrow, Susan

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