Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Winter Wine Event

Last year we thought it would be a nice treat to have our monthly wine tasting in the evening. The soft glow of the lit Christmas trees, the aroma of the fresh pines filling the gift shop, the lights of the holiday displays outside, the cool, make that cold temperatures that required the roar of a gently built fire in the wood stove........and it was a great event.

This year, when we opened the wine shop in Red Zinnia in November, we became acquainted with one of the executives of Southern Wine and Spirits, Joe Canale. We had told our sales rep Spencer about what we had done the year before, and they thought that they could help us put on another event, but even better. We spent the better part of the week picking out the wines that we would taste, and then another week getting everything else lined out. The food, the music, the helpers all arranged. Invitations went out in the mail to all that had supported the wine departments at Flower Tree and Red Zinnia over the past year, and we made sure that our emails filled in everyone else............and then the day came quickly. We didn't have our greenhouse room set up for Christmas this year, too many leaks last winter to do it again this year. Michelle and Lucia didn't let that stop them. They spent two full days filling the room with huge living Christmas trees, sparkly lights and candles. By the time the lights were dimmed, and the rooms were filling with people you would have thought that you had stepped into a beautiful park, filled with holiday cheer.

With the help of Spencer, Joe and his lovely wife Katy, and John from Encore Beverages, a supplier of some of our smaller boutique wineries, we had five tasting stations set up. Jaime and Bob were our guest sommeliers at one tasting station, and Bill & Korena Mewaldt at another. Everyone was given a card when they arrived listing all the wines available, and we stood back and watched as the evening progressed into one of good cheer, friendship and community camaraderie. It was a great time and we are already looking forward to planning next years event. The best part, all of the wines we served that night, over 40 varieties, are now available at Red Zinnia. A huge thank you to all that helped put this event together. The Flower Tree and Red Zinnia family, we can sure throw a party!


Anonymous said...

We had a GREAT time. Can't wait for the next one, do we really have to wait an entire year? Thanks again, David

Peg said...

It was so much fun and the atmosphere was wonderful!! Also, I have to say that Shellie's brownies were incredible!!! Peg


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