Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Giant Pumpkin Returns

Many of you may have seen the giant pumpkin that we had at the shop last year for our Harvest Festival. It was grown by Scott Goodpasture here in Fallon and it was over 400 lbs. when we announced the winner for the "Guess The Great Pumpkin's Weight".

Michelle took our giant beauty home and carved it for Halloween, and it graced her home on Center Street for the holiday. She then saved the seeds and dried them, and we gave them away to anyone that wanted some. One of our favorite gardeners, Melinda Clifton, took some home and gave them to her class at Cottage School to take home and start. She also started some plants that we gave away here at the store. If you purchased one here at the store, it was grown by Scott for us to allow others to TRY and break his record.

This is Tucker Stritenberger's giant pumpkin!
You guessed it...grown from the seed of last fall's famous Flower Tree giant pumpkin.

Move over Scott, I think we may have another champion pumpkin grower in Fallon on our hands! And make sure and stop back in the River Garden when you are at the store, Michelle's entry for this year is coming along quite nicely also. See you soon, Susan

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