Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day, or two, in my life.....

I’ve been slightly busy this last week doing my best to keep up with my amazing 3 year old grandson, Cash. We have made mud pies, explored a few different bike paths (he on his new bike, me running alongside trying my hardest to keep up), fed the snapping turtle in the pond up the block from his house, gone camping in the front room, had a slumber party, planted some seeds and pruned some mums – and laughed and giggled till it hurts. My newest grandson Carson is just now 6 weeks young, and I can’t wait until he can join us in some of these shenanigans. For now though just having him tucked into the crook of my arm brings me such a sense of peace and joy. The kids have created an amazing life here in Florida, and I am so very thankful to get to enjoy a piece of it with them. Off for a bike ride, see you soon, Susan


Monogramgirl said...

Bike ride? So jealous. Haven't sen the pavement in a while now. I'll live through you

mucea said...



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